Saturday, September 28, 2013

We Are Finished

It's 11 AM and we are finished. We hope to not lose any more chickens. They are in a small little pen but they are safe!

A before picture, note the hole in the ground, Peter was digging. He came back, from buying materials and dug too much and hit a water pipe and the hole filled with water and overflow. Had to call in some workers.
  Above are the before reno's pictures.
 Moved the house to the back, flush with the wall of the toilet/shed,
did some framing for the wire while waiting for the water workers to come.
They came about 4 PM and got it fixed, this time they shut the water off and fixed it proper!
 Lost a few bean and corn plants, but it was fixed about 1 hr. later for 6000 RWF.
 Sunset at about 5:30 PM.
Lima beans that we planted in March this year. 
Still producing and flowering again, also bean, corn and lemon grass.
Picture this morning before we started again. Decided to just keep them locked up while we finished.
 Finished the backside, I know pretty crude, used what we had. It will keep them in.

  The front.

Chicken are enjoying it, and feeling safe. 5 little ones and one half grown - hoping to fatten her up!
She is pretty mean to the little ones so we (Alphonsine) have her leg tied to a branch, she can move around just not very fast, and the little ones can get away from her. (I'm thinking we should change her tied leg each day - or we may just get one good drumstick!!!
And the back yard with no chickens running around eating the new growth or the bugs! Not sure how I feel about that, but at least we may have a chicken dinner by . . . . .

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