Monday, September 23, 2013

Keeping Busy

Alphonsine brought her cousin by to met us on Friday. He speaks a bit more English than Alphonsine does, and works at the Airport in Kigali with the security area. We had a nice short visit with him. Alphonsine is improving her English each week, too, which is great. Some of the words we were working on the other day were: two, to, too, and know, no, and four and for! 
Now when I say, "I know", she doesn't think I say, "I no"!!! We have so many laughs with her!!!!
 We had more company (forgot to take pictures) on Saturday and Sunday. They were two couples from YWAM Kigali that are planning on living here and working at the base land in Ryabega. The one couple is African and the other is from Norway. Both are young couples with no children. Another couple from Norway, with children, are going to join them sometime in November. It will be nice to have others to fellowship with at times. Being that they didn't leave till later in the morning on Sunday, I stayed home and Peter went to church. There he received one of the promised chickens from the congregation, and 2000 RWF from one other person that had promised a chicken. Peter brought the chicken home on the taxi van!
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 She is a nice looking speckly hen. Alphonsine says she'll be laying eggs by November. She was right with the other hens, so we'll see if she's right again with this one. Hopefully, will get a rooster with the money we got, so that we can get some eggs. We are now down to 7 little chicks, a hawk is taking them we believe, one by one. Now with this older chicken we hope that they will be more protected.

And on that note of 'protection', we have hired a guard since Sept. 6th. He has been faithful in coming every evening at dusk (6:30 pm) and leaves at dawn (5:30 am). His name is Alphonse. Peter has told him (through a translator the day we hired him) that if he catches him sleeping, he'll be gone. Peter goes out each evening when he comes and 'talks' to him, and he back, with very, very limited words.

Today was the first day for classes with the next group of sewing students. Not all showed up, so there will be the lectures tomorrow. We have 14 students, of which 2 are repeating from the last classes. I've been feeling really bad about failing the 5 students, but found out that one of the mothers was glad that we never passed her child as she knew she wasn't good enough. I'm glad that they are taking it again and have made them promise to be there every day and to bring cloth to sew with.
You can not learn to sew if you don't come to class and bring material to sew.
AM students that showed up today.
PM students that showed.
Please pray with us that we will get regular support to pay Theophile (tailor) and Eppy (translator) and the rent for the building/house that we are using for the school. The total amount is 180,000 RWF which is about $300.00 every month.

Just one more thing; While we were gone on our wonderful break, Theo and Eppy did a great job of taking care of the machines and just being there for any of the graduated students that wanted to come and sew - either for themselves or for others! We were hoping that this would be a time of testing to see how things will run when we are in Canada next year.  It looks like they will be able to run things efficiently while we are gone.

We are Praising God for the way He works things out for us! The guard, the sewing school, the chickens, and the time away. We are looking forward to the next 6/7 months here and what He will do with the lives we are in contact with each day.

"Living for Jesus" is so rewarding!

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