Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Boat Tour

We had a wonderful 3 hour tour, that didn't end up on Gilligan's Island!!!
Guava, picked by our guide from one of the islands.
Napoleon Island where the fruit bats are, and about 50 head of cattle.
Fruit bats
Worms, just for you Wyatt!!! We saw a lot of these.
Bats flying.
Lemon, and tree one the Napoleon Island, where the bats were too.
On the way back.
Fishing boats that fish during the night.
Lake shore view of the Bethany Guesthouse where we are staying.
A lizard on the walks.
The vines outside our room, on the lake side.
Would love to have some of that vine growing in my prayer garden! They are very beautiful.
Looking forward to something else tomorrow!


  1. now, I am curious about the 50 cattle on an island---they must be wild, do people eat them, are they the long horn cattle, and why are they there?

  2. Well we asked the guy, and there is one 'cowboy' looking after them and they are long horn, (they all are here) and they make them swim to the main land when they are ready for sale! Not sure why they are there, but other islands have them too. We saw goats on one, and a monkey on another. It was so nice, and not too expensive and cheaper with more people of course. 12 could have been on our boat so next time you come bring another 6 or 7 people with you, Okay!!!

  3. I volunteer, Leona!!!

  4. okay let's go in Feb/Mar....