Saturday, September 28, 2013

We Are Finished

It's 11 AM and we are finished. We hope to not lose any more chickens. They are in a small little pen but they are safe!

A before picture, note the hole in the ground, Peter was digging. He came back, from buying materials and dug too much and hit a water pipe and the hole filled with water and overflow. Had to call in some workers.
  Above are the before reno's pictures.
 Moved the house to the back, flush with the wall of the toilet/shed,
did some framing for the wire while waiting for the water workers to come.
They came about 4 PM and got it fixed, this time they shut the water off and fixed it proper!
 Lost a few bean and corn plants, but it was fixed about 1 hr. later for 6000 RWF.
 Sunset at about 5:30 PM.
Lima beans that we planted in March this year. 
Still producing and flowering again, also bean, corn and lemon grass.
Picture this morning before we started again. Decided to just keep them locked up while we finished.
 Finished the backside, I know pretty crude, used what we had. It will keep them in.

  The front.

Chicken are enjoying it, and feeling safe. 5 little ones and one half grown - hoping to fatten her up!
She is pretty mean to the little ones so we (Alphonsine) have her leg tied to a branch, she can move around just not very fast, and the little ones can get away from her. (I'm thinking we should change her tied leg each day - or we may just get one good drumstick!!!
And the back yard with no chickens running around eating the new growth or the bugs! Not sure how I feel about that, but at least we may have a chicken dinner by . . . . .

Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Paper Sewing

Paper sewing doesn't lie! Even when they tell me "It's the machine .....", I'll sit down at their machine and it works just beautifully for me, then they know that they can do it too! AND they do do it! I got to see some very good work today. Some today were still working on lined paper and following the lines, practicing using the reverse lever to back stitch at the beginning and end of each row. Today we started on papers with shapes on them. They were doing really great and will be glad to work with material soon. They are proud of themselves for the great work they did on the paper shapes. Good practice!
Tried to get the light to show through the holes.
Great job done!
Friday is Mosquito Control day! There will be no school, that gives the students more time to get their school fees in. We will be sewing with material on Monday. I hope to get a good start on pin cushions.

The rainy season is here and we are enjoying the way everything is greening up in the country side! The garden has rows of vegetables in it and the 'lemon grass' is doing great! Lemon tea 3 or 4 times a week, yummy!!!
The lawn is looking really nice again! And the mango tree has lots by mangos on it!

Corm and beans that Alphonsine planted.

The lemon grass is in the middle of the picture and just to the left of it is the Lima Beans that we planted last rainy season in March. Peter watered them a pail or so every day if he remembered and now they have revived, started blooming again and Alphonsine just fed us a meal with them in it!!! So they are a great thing to plant here! Thanks Kirk & Candace for the seed. There is potatoes and cucumber, tomatoes, peas, sweet corn, beets, carrots, spinach, swiss chard, pumpkin, and squash  - can hardly wait for them to produce.

God has been so good to us, I hope that we will have enough to share with others!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Paper Sewing

After two days of lecturing on guidelines and care of the treadle machine, and making sure they have the sewing kit materials bought, and learning about what fabric to buy, the students got to do some paper sewing. Nothing special was made, just progress. They are learning to coordinating their feet while following straight lines and back stitching at the beginning and end of each row. Some are good right from the start, others are eager to learn, and some will struggle before catching on, but it was a fun day for them. Like the preschooler who thinks they will be able to read after one day in Kindergarten, the students were eager to do sewing. This is all a process and tomorrow they will do more than just straight lines, as I've paper with 6 different shapes on it that they will have to follow.

It is very exciting to see their eagerness to learn. We have 16 students registered and hope by the end of the week to have 20. Two of the students are ones that never got a certificate in August, I'm glad that they are taking the course again, and we have one new student does not know how to read or write.

Theophile and Eppy are excited too!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Keeping Busy

Alphonsine brought her cousin by to met us on Friday. He speaks a bit more English than Alphonsine does, and works at the Airport in Kigali with the security area. We had a nice short visit with him. Alphonsine is improving her English each week, too, which is great. Some of the words we were working on the other day were: two, to, too, and know, no, and four and for! 
Now when I say, "I know", she doesn't think I say, "I no"!!! We have so many laughs with her!!!!
 We had more company (forgot to take pictures) on Saturday and Sunday. They were two couples from YWAM Kigali that are planning on living here and working at the base land in Ryabega. The one couple is African and the other is from Norway. Both are young couples with no children. Another couple from Norway, with children, are going to join them sometime in November. It will be nice to have others to fellowship with at times. Being that they didn't leave till later in the morning on Sunday, I stayed home and Peter went to church. There he received one of the promised chickens from the congregation, and 2000 RWF from one other person that had promised a chicken. Peter brought the chicken home on the taxi van!
Add caption
 She is a nice looking speckly hen. Alphonsine says she'll be laying eggs by November. She was right with the other hens, so we'll see if she's right again with this one. Hopefully, will get a rooster with the money we got, so that we can get some eggs. We are now down to 7 little chicks, a hawk is taking them we believe, one by one. Now with this older chicken we hope that they will be more protected.

And on that note of 'protection', we have hired a guard since Sept. 6th. He has been faithful in coming every evening at dusk (6:30 pm) and leaves at dawn (5:30 am). His name is Alphonse. Peter has told him (through a translator the day we hired him) that if he catches him sleeping, he'll be gone. Peter goes out each evening when he comes and 'talks' to him, and he back, with very, very limited words.

Today was the first day for classes with the next group of sewing students. Not all showed up, so there will be the lectures tomorrow. We have 14 students, of which 2 are repeating from the last classes. I've been feeling really bad about failing the 5 students, but found out that one of the mothers was glad that we never passed her child as she knew she wasn't good enough. I'm glad that they are taking it again and have made them promise to be there every day and to bring cloth to sew with.
You can not learn to sew if you don't come to class and bring material to sew.
AM students that showed up today.
PM students that showed.
Please pray with us that we will get regular support to pay Theophile (tailor) and Eppy (translator) and the rent for the building/house that we are using for the school. The total amount is 180,000 RWF which is about $300.00 every month.

Just one more thing; While we were gone on our wonderful break, Theo and Eppy did a great job of taking care of the machines and just being there for any of the graduated students that wanted to come and sew - either for themselves or for others! We were hoping that this would be a time of testing to see how things will run when we are in Canada next year.  It looks like they will be able to run things efficiently while we are gone.

We are Praising God for the way He works things out for us! The guard, the sewing school, the chickens, and the time away. We are looking forward to the next 6/7 months here and what He will do with the lives we are in contact with each day.

"Living for Jesus" is so rewarding!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Leaving Kibuye

Before leaving I got some pictures of trees and plants I'd love to have growing in our yard.
Papaya tree
Love this at the left front of the house
This one in a pot big enough the chickens can't kill it.
Beautiful flowering tree.
This morning before breakfast we saw this boat being tugged in.
Add caption
Then while eating breakfast this night fishing boat went by.

 While we were on the bus waiting to leave for Kigali, we heard a motorbike, not unusual, but then some cheering and then appeared a 'muzungu' driving a dirt bike/ motorcross (sorry don't know my bikes) pull up to the gas station. Then people flocking to him as he got gas.
Then off he went.
Back in Kigali now. Doctor appointments then back to Nyagatare on Wed. Thursday is a meeting with the staff and registration for the next class of students. Monday we will be starting classes again.
Alphonsine will be glad to see us. She has been keeping the place for us, and she'll be glad to have more people around to serve, Bless her heart! We will have been gone for 13 days.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Sunset last night.
Yesterday a boat came in from the north and then left going south. I imagine it came from Gisenyi.
 There are two Genocide Memorials in Kibuye, not really open to tourists.
A church where many died.

Took this shot through the door window.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Boat Tour

We had a wonderful 3 hour tour, that didn't end up on Gilligan's Island!!!
Guava, picked by our guide from one of the islands.
Napoleon Island where the fruit bats are, and about 50 head of cattle.
Fruit bats
Worms, just for you Wyatt!!! We saw a lot of these.
Bats flying.
Lemon, and tree one the Napoleon Island, where the bats were too.
On the way back.
Fishing boats that fish during the night.
Lake shore view of the Bethany Guesthouse where we are staying.
A lizard on the walks.
The vines outside our room, on the lake side.
Would love to have some of that vine growing in my prayer garden! They are very beautiful.
Looking forward to something else tomorrow!