Monday, August 12, 2013


Peter got two motos to come to the house on Sunday morning to take us to church at Ryabega. So I was very glad to be able to go. It just tires me out to walk up the hill to the church and at the hottest part of the day. I must be getting old!!! The service was great - I love to hear them singing, and listening to the testimonies is great to hear what God is doing in their lives.

This is the church, and the preschool building in the back.

Just down the hill a little ways, the new sewing school is being built.

This is the office doorway and room.
This is the classroom doorway and room. It is a bit bigger than what we are using right now. Later we hope to add another classroom for production.

The chicks are 3 weeks old. There are still 11 of the 12. We lost one in the first day or two and ever since the two hens have been doing a great job with looking after them.  Especially since our rooster has taken it upon himself to visit the neighbors the minute he is let out of the coop, and doesn't come back until dusk - just in time to be shut back up. The little chicks have their wing feathers and tail feathers now and are getting braver by going farther away from the hens. The last time we were in Kigali we bought them two feeders - one for food and one for drinking. The dry season right now isn't producing enough in the yard for them to eat, so we've gotten them ground maize and sorghum.

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  1. Wow, so good to see the progress on the school, bet you can hardly wait till you move in! Love you, LK