Monday, August 5, 2013

Kigali Trip

Left for Kigali on Saturday morning, early! Immediately went to the ABC/J'Lynns. I was wanting to see if I could sell some bags. Jen was very busy and so we just relaxed a bit there before heading up to the guesthouse. While there, I saw a skirt that made me think about what I'd do with my patches!
Remember this:
 Could make this:  I talked to her and she paid 10,000 RWF to get it made!
Love traveling around Kigali, the "Bill Gates Center" is gradually getting finished.
This is one angle close to the street we travel on.
And farther away from the other side - it's going to have great view of some of the city.
 Love seeing shops like this - ALABAMA SALON, it is just hilarious!
 Picked up more material. Love getting a good bargain. There are lots of '1 piece' pieces (2 yds/m.) I know the market where I can save a little. Saved about 5000 RWF = $8.00 USD from the usual price I pay. The sellers maybe have a hard time getting rid of 1 piece but that is just right for making bags.

Got the last package that I've been almost a year waiting for!!!
Looked like a mouse had gotten into it, so there was a bit of a loss there.
But the seeds were all good and with the rainy season so upon us, the timing was good. 
Hopefully they will still produce!!!!
Thanks Leona!!!
Praise the Lord, He is so good!!!

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