Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Week Off - Kind Of

Well we are having some time off before graduation. The week that grad is on, is a week of preparation. I have a speech I'll have to prepare. It will be easier this time than the first time, I hope. And with that, of course, I had to come down with that throat thing that I get on a regular bases. It starts in the back of the nose and works it's way down to the throat and on into the chest with a little coughing!!! Not fun, and this time it seems to have hit a bit harder. Must be the situation, relaxing after working hard for 6 months!!! (Am so looking forward to the time off we have given ourselves after grad, about three weeks. Have lots planned for that but not too much!!!

A week ago or so, Alphonsine got herself some material at the market and had someone make a top and skirt and there was some left over and she got me to make a dress for her niece. It turned out not too bad!
Sorry no head shot as "the hair wasn't done"!

Some more outfits that the ladies made that I just got pictures of, they did a great job! These were taken on the last day of school, the 23rd, we asked them to dress up in one of their outfits they had made. We had a bit of a party too!
This was an outfit made by one of the students for her son!
We also gave out some awards!
Best Mark on the Bible test!
Toe socks for best mark on bags and collar test
Top attendance in AM Class
Top attendance in PM Class
Top mark for sewing test, she had a pick of material.
The new sewing school is getting more completed. Alex is hoping that it will be finished by the time we come back from our break!!!

The hawks are trying to get the little chicks. Now that the hens have been taken they are fending for themselves. Today there was a hawk, but the other day there was this big hawk. We now down to 10 chicks. Really hoping there will be one for Thanksgiving, and one for Christmas. Really missed that last year!

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