Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Got Them

YES, we have them in our hands!
And it only took six days!
That would be the "Canadian Passport" with the new "Rwandan Visa" in it.
(Many thanks to all of you for your advice on the paperwork!)
But now our "Green Card" needs updating,
so that is another process and more francs!
That's okay,
because now we can 'come & go" for another two years!!! 
Aren't you excited!
The people here are!
And we are too!
There is more money coming for more sewing machines,
and we need a bigger place to hold 20+ machines.
God is starting to work things out, 
and letting us know that we still need to be here longer.
 Production is on hold right now until we can get some of the bags sold.
Once they are sold we can buy more material and go at it again.

Pray for us:
- green cards
- sale of bags
- a bigger building (or whatever God has in mind)

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