Saturday, July 6, 2013

Taking Some TIme Off

Okay, so we've been needing this time away. It's been so busy since the end of May, but that's been good!

This week there were two Rwandan holidays, July 1st, was Independence Day and July 4th was National Liberation Day. Then, I thought that our staff needed to have another day off, so I gave 'us' Friday, July 5th too. Tues and Wed were the only days for school.

Peter and I left Nyagatare for Kigali early Friday, about 7:15 AM we were on the bus, our backpacks filled with bags sewn by the graduate students. [Thurs, I had taken home all the bags from the school. There are 50 shoulder bags and 58 smaller ones (various sizes). Friday, Alphonsine and I, (because she wouldn't have let me do them alone anyway) washed them all, hung them to dry, and then I ironed them. And in the meantime Doreen, Alphonsine's sister, came to visit us along with her neice Blessed (Alphonsine and Doreen's sister Jacqueline's daugher). We had a wonderful visist, Doreen knows more English than her two older sisters do and so we got to know Doreen. She lives in Kigali and is taking University and was home for a break. Alphonsine has been wanting us to meet her for a long time now.] Anyway back to the bags. We have been able to put them in the YWAM Boutique to have Odeth sell them there for us. There are a lot of teams from different countries that come and stay at the base so I'm hoping that they will sell there.
After unloading the bags from our packs, we went to shop for things that we can't get in Nyagatare or that are cheaper in Kigali. Went over to a street where there are a lot of shops that have stuff just for sewing, and picked up another month or two of supplies for the school, thread, short zippers, and some material.

Walking over to the guesthouse, where we will be staying while in Kigali, we came across these bats in about 4 or 5 trees. They were make quite a noise, and we couldn't believe how big they were.
 Today, we had a leisurely morning, then took motos to the ABC, African Bagel Company. Mentioned here!  It has changed hands, and is now J Lynn's. We got to meet the couple that own it now, I've been following her blog since about 2011, "A Rwanda Momma...". Had a wonderful chat with them and got to know them better. She actually has been to Strasbourg, SK (she's from ON) and knows some folks there! What a small world!!! She even offered to have us come on Saturday mornings to sell our bags there when we are in Kigali. Next, we took a moto to two markets to buy more material - even got a better price than I usually get - , sandals for Peter, and a pattern poster. After that we were tired and took a moto back to the guesthouse. I love the moto rides, kind of like riding the 'slow' rides at the Exibition, a bit of a thrill. (And yes mom, I wear a helmet!)

The next few days will be spent relaxing as much as possible, reading a book. Monday is going to the hospital for blood tests, just routine to see if I'm doing okay. Tuesday to see the doctor and the results from the tests. Then we will head back home, with our backpacks packed with more materials for sewing.

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