Monday, July 15, 2013

It Is About Time

It's about time to write another blog post!
I never got around to it last week. We were in Kigali until Tuesday afternoon, and things get really busy when we get back. I miss being at the school and seeing what the students have been learning and sewing. Wednesday to Friday I was checking over the items that the students have finished since the beginning and try to see where they need improvement. I found out a lot when I did that, things like - every 'button up shirt with a collar' that has been sewn - the collar button (if they even put one on) has been too small for the person wearing the shirt. Hence, we need to have a lesson on making sure that the neck area is cut right and then the collar tab and collar are cut the right size! Flys in men's pants, waist bands, and button holes are a few of the other things that need attention. So this week is going to be spent dealing with each of those issues and others that come up. Today, we worked on the fly and waistband. I actually really enjoyed teaching it and there were lots of good questions and comments. And, being that there is 6 weeks left, 5 weeks really for sewing, they need to know how to do all these things before Graduation!
Oh my goodness, how time flies when you are having fun!
Esther in her shirt and skirt she made.
Mutesi in her dress she made.
When we got home today, I went looking in our garden. There isn't very much growing as we are in the dry season. Peter has been watering the cabbage, lima beans, tomatoes, carrots, and onions every day or every other day.
Lima beans, I think the seeds came from Kirk & Candace.
This is the whole row. There are quite a few pods on each plant.
I picked a few and Alphonsine is going to cook them for dinner tomorrow evening with the peas.
Alphonsine was 'doing' the maize. She has been taking it off the stock and drying the cobs in the sun each day. Now she is taking the dried kernels off the cobs and plans on taking it to the market to be made into flour to make kyunga.
The empty cobs we gave to the neighbor over the brick wall, so she can use it as firewood when she cooks her meals. We don't need them because we buy and use charcoal.
Alphonsine is a gem! She knows exactly when to plant the corn and beans, and when to harvest them and how to harvest them. I'm positive that we had the earliest beans and corn in the neighborhood. It has been a great pleasure to watch her 'organize' our lives! She saves us money, and literally will not buy an item at the market if it is too much money, and we will go without that item until it is the right price! We love her and Praise and Thank God for her every day! She has been a treasure! She is already planning what crops will go where in the back yard, and that's just what she wants to plant. We have a lot of seeds that came from Canada that we want to plant!!! Good thing we enlarged the area where we will plant this next rainy season. I can hardly wait, for two reasons, this dry season we are in now seems SO dry this time, and I want to get some more garden growing. The back yard seems so dead and barren right now.

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