Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Know I Live In Africa

I know, I live in Africa, and you should be seeing pictures of 
lions, tigers, giraffes, and elephants, but we have Baby Chicks!!!!
Sunday the hens took the chicks on their first excursion out of the hen house.
Our yard
Our yard with house, the grass is dry right now.
We covered the carrots as the 3 chickens liked them and Peter was tired of them eating the tops off. Now with the new chicks we needed to cover them.
I've been wanting some sunflower seeds to grow in the next rainy season. Peter went around asking for "1", and came back with 6. People are very generous here!!!!
The Mango tree is in full blossom, and swarming with flies.

Peter added these rocks so the ground doesn't wash away during the rainy season. It will look nicer when the ground growth goes in.
Chicks getting their first drink of water.
Water and ground corn.


  1. Becoming chicken ranchers. They are so cute when they are small.

  2. Yes, just like babies right and then they grow up and you want to eat them. LOL Because they are soooo good LOL

  3. Yah, what a nice little family of chickens. I can not believe how barren your yard is right now. Just like our winters here! Well soon you will be green and lush again.

  4. Hannah says that the chicks are very cute, and misses you very much.