Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sewing Shirts

The classes have been sewing tops this last little while. Some for themselves and some for others.
They are doing a great job! It is so exciting to see the smiles on their faces after completing a garment that looks like it was bought from the store.

 Their first try at an item, shirts in this case, are usually made from used material, and therefore the stains.
They are sure enjoying the pins, scissors, thread, buttons, zippers that came from Canada. It sure has been great for them as they learn to sew!
We have been trying to encourage getting to class on time and being there, so we give out prizes once a week to them. This week we had two in the morning class, and four in the afternoon class! We are hoping that one week soon, we will have to give all the students a prize! So far they have had a number of items to choose from and the Canadian thread wins hands down. So far, we have had spools that have never been used, but soon we will have to give out partial spools. It really is great to have these items to reward attendance.
There is only two more months left for these students, July & August. We have lost two students in the morning class due to sickness. My goal was to see 20 students graduate this course, a pride thing, but the Lord is keeping me humble. I am very happy the way this set of students are sewing, and I think it has a lot to do with the way we set up the course. Trial and error!

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