Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 1 to June 7

So much has happened in the last week, I hate to put it all in one post but I'm going to!

Saturday, June 1st
Peter and I went to Kigali to pick up Leona and Fraser and Jeremy and bring them to our home in Nyagatare.

Sunday, June 2nd
We all went to church and had a great time of sharing, and receiving gifts.
Leona shared.
Fraser shared.
Jeremy shared.
And even Peter and I shared.
The church's gift to Jeremy.
Fraser & Leona's gift.
Peter and I even got one too!
Jeremy left to head back to Kigali for a visit with the CBM.  It was so great to have Jeremy visit us. He was very instrumental in us coming to Rwanda in 2010 with e3 Partners - exactly 3 years ago about May 20somethingish.

Leona and Fraser had brought some gifts for Alphonsine and they were well appreciated. (two of the items on the table were from us from another time)

Monday, June 3rd
We went to the sewing school via "motos'.
Hanging on for dear life!
Leona shared a devotional,
and we got started on the little quilted pads. All the ladies had a great time with that and were excited about the end results!
The finished tops in the AM class.
The finished tops in the PM class.
Fraser and Peter went and helped out at the Preschool with building up the walls of the third classroom.

Tuesday, June 4th
Fraser shared a devotional (sorry no pics). Then Leona helped the ladies to put the three pieces of materials together to make the small pad.
Illustrating the 'sandwich' principle.
We never got quite finished, but we expected that and I will teach them the finishing touches next week.
A picture with the AM Class.
Pic with the PM Class.
Both classes were given eye glasses if they needed them, you will notice them in the above picture. They were brought from the 'Lost and Found" in Canada.
Wednesday, June 5th
We headed back to Kigali for some shopping and to experience bartering, lots of material and souvenirs were bought.
Thursday, June 6th
We went to the Genocide Memorial. It was very informative and I noticed a lot of changes from the time before when we had been there.
Then, around 4 pm, we had to take them to the airport for their flight back across the ocean. The time was so short, but was very good!
We really had a great time. Many memories for all that had the opportunity to meet Fraser & Leona. The students were blessed with gifts that they will cherish, and they learned a little about quilting. I love it that the students are able to learn more than sewing clothes and bags!

Friday, June 7th
Alphonsine harvesting the beans she grew for us in our yard along with the 'maize'.
I sat down to help her, and she left and grilled me a cob of corn.
The cob of corn is very mealy as it is harvested when it is about 3/4 of the way to being seed for the next planting. Then she brought me a banana, this being about 4 pm, and then wonders why I'm not hungry at dinner time at 6:30 pm. Got to love her, she takes very good care of Peter and I and our guests, I wouldn't be without her!
Although today, Saturday, I am, as she went home to help her Mom harvest the beans for them. She will be back on Sunday evening for our 'traditional' (new tradition since we've been in Rwanda) Canadian egg salad sandwiches for dinner. She loves it!

Hope to post some pictures of the finished quilted pot pads next week!

I so love what God has for me to do here. And it's fun to share it with family and friends. God has been so good to us. The team that Leona & Fraser were with, gave us some goodies that they didn't need to take back to Canada or the USA. Thanks to all of you, and may God bless you in return!


  1. Marlene PannenbeckerJune 9, 2013 at 12:03 PM

    great time with your sister...thanks for sharing

  2. What a great boost for all the ones involved. All look so happy.