Saturday, May 18, 2013

What A Week!

It started with Mother's day on Sunday, May 12th. Peter & I were asked to Skype with the First Baptist Church in Prince Albert, SK. We had attended there since 1997 when we moved to Prince Albert until 2010, when we sold our house. It was 7 PM our time and 11 AM in Saskatchewan. We had a wonderful short visit with the congregation that blessed us more than words can say! Thanks so much "First" for that opportunity!!!

During that visit I remember saying that the 'production line' was going to start soon! Little did I know that it would be this week. 

Monday, I went to the sewing school thanked them all for praying for Peter & I. (I hadn't been to the school at all the previous week, as we were in Kigali Monday and Tuesday for Dr.'s appointment, and Peter had been sick all day Tues. and took a day for rest and recoup on Wed. I felt that I needed to stay home on Thurs. as I heard that my sister wasn't well.  She went to be with her Lord and Savior that day and I stayed home Fri. too. It seemed like a long week last week.) So Monday was also the day of the funeral for my sister in Canada, and we left the school early. I just need to be at home during the time I knew the funeral was taking place.

Tuesday we had a meeting with the graduates and the present students. I announced that we would start sewing items for sale that day. We have 4 sewing machines that were not being used (we have 11 in the regular class - 10 for the 10 students and one for the teacher and myself for our use) and so that afternoon 3 graduates came to sew!

Wednesday, brought in 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

Thursday there were 5 that came. I had the one machine extra machine in the classroom, so we were okay!!! Two came in the afternoon, that was great, as checking everyone's work in the morning was nonstop, and it was a chance to give Eppy (my translator) and I a bit of a break!

Friday, 7 showed up in the morning!!!! Okay now what...... think hard! Okay, I don't even have enough bags cut out......... so I'll get one of the girls to cut, and there is one regular student missing - 6 machines for 6 seamstresses! By the end of the morning, one gal said she would come in the afternoons starting Monday.  Two showed up in the afternoon - that gave Eppy & I another break! By the end of Friday I had three bags completed and by the end of Monday I'm thinking that there will be another 6 or 7 bags completed!!!!

I am so excited!!!! Fri. afternoon, when there was 'breathing time', I cut out some more bags for this coming week. I even brought some of the material home so that I could cut more out. Got a few pics!
The two students on Wed. afternoon.
The five students on Thurs. morning.
A full classroom on Fri morning, 9 learners and 7 grads, Theo (teacher), Eppy (translator), Peter teaching the Bible lesson.
Now we really have our hands full. I love it though. But we are going to have to find a place bigger than what we have if we get more machines and grads that want to sew! We have had to move the two big cutting tables up against the wall, you can see them in the middle picture above.

This is exciting - to see the vision come to reality - what God wanted us to do here in Rwanda, teaching sewing and teaching about Him! 

I'm really going to miss my sister Betty, but I bet God has been telling her about the work here in Rwanda. And better yet, she's worshiping Him like never before.

GOD IS SO GOOD! BECAUSE next week, May 23, my sister Leona and her husband Fraser are going to be here in Rwanda, with a lot of other people we know!!! (Jeremy, Mike, Mary, Pam, and Sharon). But I'll will share more about that later!

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