Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meeting and Cucumbers

Today was a "Cooperative" meeting, voting and giving the cooperative a name.
It was a long meeting but the ladies are very excited about getting it going. The meeting took all morning, and I got a few pictures of the committee and those that were there.
Our committee members.
The members.
In the afternoon, we had 5 students come and 6 ladies come for the production line! A very busy afternoon. There are now 7 bags sewn up ready for sale, with another 11 being worked on, and more that are cut out and waiting to be sewn.

We came home and were looking at our cucumber plant - WOW! We had been having a few each day but this was quite the picking. We plan on taking them to the school tomorrow and giving all the students a cucumber! Praise the Lord for the extra blessing so that we can bless others!

One more day at the school for Peter and I, then on Thursday we are going to Kigali to meet my sister and her husband, Leona & Fraser, at the airport. They are doing a week of evangelism with  "E3 Partners" then spend just about 6 days with us. It will be a great time for them and for us.

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