Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Excitement For the Day

A lot happened today!
For starters one of our moto drivers didn't show so we had to wait for another fellow to show. While that was happening there were workers across the road from our house starting work at 'renewing' the grass. We were out there at 7 AM, by 5 PM they had it finished, and cleaned up!
These ladies were shown what portion of grass they were to hoe.
Even the grass in the middle of the road was worked up.
Still a before picture.
After pic, it's hard to see but the grass from the road to the fence was all hoed up.
another one of the finished work.

 During the day today, we started a 'production line'! Three (one missing in this pic) ladies from the graduated classes, started working making bags for sale!

They loved getting back into it and did a great job!

Near the date of our anniversary (about 3 weeks ago), Peter and I went to a restaurant (never again - it wasn't a great place) and outside was this building. I always think of our son John when I see these kind of buildings with their scaffolding!!!!
Well, today it looked like this!!!
Big crowd of people were around. We didn't hear exactly what happened but it sounded like there were workers in it when it collapsed. It probably happened about 3 PM and we got there about 5 PM.
I don't usually go with Peter up to get the mail (we were told yesterday that there was a parcel for us) but the postman was not there at the Post Office - he was probably in this crowd, and so we went from the post office toward town center and found this! 

 Quite an eventful day! Praying for the families that are affected by this tragedy.

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