Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Week And Last

Just a few things that have happened that may be of interest! We've been busy with another conference at the church, we had a DTS fellow student come and stay with us and played with the kids - he's a football coach! And the sewing students - more bags!
Dieudonne (red hat and red shirt) taught football and left a ball with the preschool. The kids loved him!
Alphonsine and Dieudonne singing before our prayer time at night, in our home!
The church floor and stage were completed - no more dirt floors, and decorated for the conference!
I got my toe socks finally done! Thanks Esther for all the supplies!
This is the PM class zippered bags with short or long straps/handles. They did a great job!
This is the AM class zippered bags - they used scraps from the scrap box! You can see some are full and being used already!
Bus ride to Kigali on Saturday morning! (about 3 hours)
'Moto'ering around Kigali - this is the Bill Gates convention centre (or something like that - that's what we've been told) going up.
This week, April 7th to the 14th is a memorial week of the 1994 Genocide, that happened 19 years ago. We only held classes for the morning, so each class came for two days this week, and no school on Friday. We were in Kigali on Mon. and Tues. Peter was up to the market in Nyagatare this afternoon and everything was closed. Very weird and unlike the normal, he said. And unlike Kigali - there were lots open while we were there. It is good to see that they still are remembering and want generations to come to know about it and not have it happen again! President Paul Kagame's memorial speech was good and a few things stuck out to me - (we watched on TV in our room in Kigali and I bought the newspaper featuring the events held on Sunday, April 7th.)

".... our history must be taught in schools so that those who were very young in 1994 or those born after will learn about the nefarious consequences of bad leadership, which led to the genocide...."


".... some countries that harbour genocide suspects but persistently refuse to bring them to justice even where there is ample evidence. Those countries must do the right thing and face up to their responsibility to fight and punish the crime of genocide."


"... I urge the survivors of genocide to remain strong and courageous, and ask all Rwandans to be close to them and help them through this difficult period of remembrance."

So today we were back at the sewing school and I introduced straight pins to the class. There is a particularly hard part in this new bag we are sewing up, that makes it a little easier to sew with pins. I've a limited amount of my own, and until the ones come with Leona (Thanks again Esther and Leona) I am lending them 4 pins for each machine, that get handed in at the end of each class along with the bobbins and bobbin cases! Yes we get them to hand in the bobbins and bobbin cases at the end of each class - we've had a few go missing in the last set of students.
I'll be so glad when they get their own, but not as glad as they will be - They are excited about my 'sister' coming, but I'm more excited then they are!
Well, until next time .......


  1. I think I am way more excited than YOU are about coming!!!! Can hardly wait to see you, Peter, and your Rwandan family! LOVE to all

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  3. My kids wanted to join in with these kids playing, especially when they saw Grandpa Pops! We miss you!