Monday, March 11, 2013

Today Was So Exciting

Yes, today was exciting!

But first I have to tell you what happened last week.

Peter was able to go over to a house that is being built for a lady and her two children. We have supporters in Canada that wanted to help build her a house, so she doesn't have to live with her mother but close to her. He was checking out the progress of the building. Starts with a good foundation, and that's what he saw.
Doesn't really look like much to me, although I do know that a foundation is very important.
Next they will start on bricks and other things.
We hope to keep updating the progress and show what is happening there.

We also have a building being made for the preschool.
It is being started with adobe bricks and will have to have the roof put on pretty soon as "the rains have come" - meaning we are now in the rainy season and adobe bricks don't last to long in the rainy season if they don't have a plaster coating or a roof.

Next is about today!
The sewing students learned more about threading the machine and the bobbin case 
and actually got to sew using material and thread, instead of just paper!

You could see the excitement on their faces when they saw that they could really do it!

That just brings a smile to my face, and gladness to my heart, and I just can't help but give
for giving me/us the privilege of doing this all for HIM!!!
It's exciting!!!
I plan on getting pictures of their first accomplishments and posting them.
Today they started on making a pin cushion.

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