Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Weekend

Friday, Theodette wore this shirt and I couldn't resist getting her picture and telling the class about "Tim Hortons"! I think I'm missing the coffee and donut place!
Spencer and Leah Gray have been with us for the weekend and they know some Swahili and were singing with Alphonsine on the way to church!
Leah shared a great testimony!
Spencer shared a great message from God!
This is the Preschool, now has the second room added on.   
 This building is next to the church and we went there for a Fanta and bread after the service.
Alphonsine - she's been with us this weekend - she usually goes home! She is a tremendous blessing to us!


  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says: You had a "Fanta" ....made me smile, have not heard that term for awhile now !!!

  2. Peter Rukundo Claude Salmond says: Yes, Fanta is very popular here, so glad they like and have coke here.