Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Classes

So we have started another two classes and they are excited about learning to sew. We have only one student who hasn't shown up or phoned, so we have called one of the thirteen that got turned away!

It has been hard to watch as the new students (except one - she has a machine at home and does know a little bit about sewing on a treadle) try to get they 'rhythm' of 'treadling'! Today they were given papers with lines and shapes on them to follow with just the needle. By the 3rd and 4th papers they were doing okay.

AM class sewing with paper.
It takes a lot of concentration, and coordination in using a treadle.
For half of each class, Theo started to teach them about measuring for a skirt.
This is the PM class learning after they did the paper sewing.
This little girl lives next door to the school, and is always peeking in - Today I got her picture!!!!
Of the 20 students, the average education level is P6 - that would be 6 years of education. The average age is 30, ranging from 17 to 51. We are praising God for his goodness, for being here and having a part in his plan to help educate these students.

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