Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm So Excited For Tomorrow

Oh, I'm so excited for tomorrow!
I won't be able to sleep tonight, I know it!
I've got everything ready, well, I think I do.
I've got all the parts that have been missing from the used machines since we got them.
Parts like the bobbin winders, the thread guides, and the skirt guard, and extra screws.
Also, I've got hand needles, the small ones, not the big ones you usually get here,
a good supply of scissors, large and small,
measuring tapes, safety pins, buttons, zippers, and patterns.
Samples too, of things the class will be making in the next few months,
like a pin cushion, bags - at least 3 different ones.
(I'm not called the 'bag lady' for nothing, you know!)
And I have my speech/lecture ready!
I have the lesson plan organized and approved by the TEAM!
I just hope everyone shows up!

Thank you everyone for your help, in teaching 20 more women the skill of sewing!
(I can hardly believe that we are already training 20 more women, since we got here!)
Thank you for your support, in being behind us, as we do this for God!
Thank you to those who send things over here for us, to make life a bit easier,
and not only for us, but especially for those who we have contact with here.
They are the ones that make all this worth while!
To see their excitement of wanting to learn a skill that will help them in their futures.
You are the ones that make all this worth while!
I wish you could have been here when we were registering the students,
to see their excitement and see how many came to register.
We had to turn 13 people away, and I'm sure that there will be more.
They want to come from such a long way that I'm thinking,
we will have to move to where they are.

Oh, I'm so excited for tomorrow!


  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says: I am excited for you are giving these ladies hope ! How amazing is that ?

  2. It's like more than amazing!!! And more amazing than that is I get to have another bath in this big tub we have in our house - it is finally working this last week since we moved in seven months ago!!!!!! The water's hot - got to go, Thanks so much for all you are doing!!! Peter's excited about seeing the progress this thursday on Franswa's house! chat more later!

  3. Leona Maye Kent says: You are the best bag lady I know! My Craft Guild is donating some small scissors and measuring tapes, everyone is hearing about God working through you. Love and prayers and enjoy your bath! LK

  4. Great! Tell me thanks so much. Small scissors and tapes will be great! Thanks for sharing with the Craft Guild! The bath was good!

  5. Shirlene Scherle Henning says: So excited, I wish I could be in your class. I am learning how to quilt. To start with, I'm making table runners. small projects and then get into the bigger project. Praise God for you and Peter, doing so well in "His Service".