Friday, March 29, 2013

We Have Chickens

 Peter went to the market on Thursday late afternoon and bartered for three hens and one rooster.
Brought them home all tied together.
All still alive.
Cleaned out the storage shed and gave them water for the evening.
and some food.
Let them out the next morning, these three seem to stick together.
this one gets picked on so she found her own place to roam on the yard.
We had the chicken wire bought earlier but not up. We had two places for it to go.
Peter attaching this short section.
Chickens in their new home!!!! Yeah!
As Alphonsine would say, "Mommy no eggs market." We love it when we don't have to buy stuff at the market, and can grow it in our yard. Just one more thing off the list!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bag Number One

Yes, I do get the students to make more than one bag. I'll not be picturing all the bags. Okay don't be so disappointed.
AM Class, finished bags, posed for me!
Jane wasn't there this morning but had finished her bag last weeek.
PM Class, it had stopped raining so I took it outside.
Some have now started on a 'buttonhole bag'. Supposed to teach them how to make the buttonhole stitch that they will use for skirts, and pants, and shirts! They always need so much practice on that!
And next week we hope to be making a small zippered bag. All these little projects are helping them practice straight lines and yet getting a few useful things in the end! They are pretty proud on their accomplishments, and rightfully so as they have learned a lot in 3 weeks.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Prayer Letter

Ashes To Worship Ministry in Rwanda

In John 15:16, Jesus said, "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that remains, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name he will give you."

This verse has meant a lot to me for over a year now. God has so blessed us in Rwanda. We have been here for 9 months and we have seen Him work in the people. We are greatly encouraged to be doing the work of our Lord here in Africa.
In January, 73 preschoolers signed up for school aging 4 to 8 years. They are learning English, in fact all the lessons are in English. They attend school from 7 AM till noon. The church is being used for one of the classrooms and the other building just had a second classroom added to it. By May, the new classroom will be ready to have the third group of children attend. There will be a 'Baby class', a 'Middle class' and a 'Top class' all for ages 3 to 8 years. The sewing class made the uniforms for these 73 students, and in May will have more uniforms to make. One child needs $20 every month to attend school. Please "ask the Father" with us for this need to be filled.

The end of January we had the first 19 students graduate from the sewing school. One student got sick and was not able to finish the course. The graduation was attended by the local authorities and they encouraged us with their remarks. They were impressed with the skill the ladies have after only 6 months of schooling, compared with the sewing classes given in the bigger centers that charged more for taking a longer course. In February, all 19 students were hired to do the 73 uniforms for the preschool children. They were paid for each uniform they made.

February we registered 20 more new students for sewing. Ten come in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. Classes started on March 4 and the students will graduate on August 30. For the first half hour they are taught from the Bible and will be tested on it during the sewing term. Then they have about 3 hours for sewing - both teaching and practical. Our goal is not only to give them the skill of sewing, but also some teaching from the Bible. These ladies have been recommended by their pastors of neighboring churches. We want the Christians here, to be equipped to witness to their families and neighbors. The average age of the women is 28 years and education level is Grade 6. This is the target group we were hoping to work with in the sewing classes. It creates a teaching curve for us, but these are the women (and men if they would join) we are wanting to reach.

We had some wonderful people get together and send us patterns, zippers and other items for the sewing school. "Thank you very much for these items!" Some of these items were given away for free, some we are selling at a very low cost, like small zippers at $0.15, which is the same price they would pay here for a 'poorer quality' zipper. All of this money goes into the Ashes To Worship account to buy machines and pay for expenses. We are finding that if we have a supply of thread, zippers, needles, measuring tapes, scissors, and fabric - the ladies will buy it from us, as they don't seem to have time to go and get it from the market themselves. They are very busy with family life when they are not in school. We don't mind having the items here for them to sew with, and it makes it easier on them.

We have this month, purchased 2 more sewing machines ($97.00 each, not including transportation as we purchased them in Kigali) and hope to get more as the donations come in for a "production line". Please "ask the Father" with us, for donations to come in to buy more machines and for paying the tailor ($80.00 a month), the translator ($80.00 a month) and the rent for the building ($80.00 a month).

Every Wednesday, Peter goes to the church to teach discipleship classes to the adults. There is anywhere from 2 to 10 people that come. Some are older youth who haven't the funds to attend school. The adults are wanting to learn English also, but there has been no teacher. Please "ask the Father" with us to fill this need.

The children's ministry that was happening on Saturday, has been changed to Friday at about 11:30 AM, just before the children are sent home for the weekend. Alphonsine is the one teaching the Bible story each week and Peter goes to help out, Diane stays at the sewing school.

The foundation has been started for Franswa's house. Please "ask the Father" with us that more funds will come to finish her home.

We thank each one of you who are supporting us, through your prayers and finances each month. We have been blessed with the love that is shown by you in this way. Please feel free to come and visit, or even bring a group over to help. God has shown us so much about Himself since we have started ministry here. We would love to share this with you in a more personal way when you visit us.

God bless you,

Peter & Diane Salmond

Weekly Prayer Schedule
Sun. - Preaching God's Word
Mon. - Travel safety each day
Tue. - Sewing students & leaders
Wed. - Discipleship class
Thu. - Preschoolers & buildings
Fri. - Children's ministry & leaders
Sat. - Health & strength for each day

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Walking Home

Walking home this week we had some of the children catch up to us and then walk with us till we caught a ride home. As we were walking they tried all their English on us and we tried our Kinyarwandan on them! Also one on the kids touched the skin on my arm (not uncommon). So then I stopped and let them all touch - they didn't want to at first. But I later got them to do it again and got a picture, then proceeded to take their picture and they all started to run away! Typical experience for us when we are leaving the village and head for home!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Weekend

Friday, Theodette wore this shirt and I couldn't resist getting her picture and telling the class about "Tim Hortons"! I think I'm missing the coffee and donut place!
Spencer and Leah Gray have been with us for the weekend and they know some Swahili and were singing with Alphonsine on the way to church!
Leah shared a great testimony!
Spencer shared a great message from God!
This is the Preschool, now has the second room added on.   
 This building is next to the church and we went there for a Fanta and bread after the service.
Alphonsine - she's been with us this weekend - she usually goes home! She is a tremendous blessing to us!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pin Cushions

These were that last two to complete their pin cushions! Theodette started a week late, she replaced a gal that never showed up for classes after registration. Grace missed a few days and missed the instructions!
All the students are on to making the small straight edge of a hanky/napkin, and we will be doing a 'circle' and a drawstring bag next. In between times, Theo, our tailor/teacher is getting them to make a skirt - most are making one for their daughter, and so we are learning to insert zippers!!!
The excitement on the faces show how much they are enjoying learning this skill!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pin Cushions

Today we had 18 pin cushions finished! And of course they all had to have a photo!
We had one student in the AM class that just started this week 
and so she didn't have a pin cushion made yet. 
She is still learning to master the treadling part! 
One student was missing in the PM class too, so that is why there aren't 20 pin cushion to show!
Pray for each of the students as they learn to sew, 
and learn more about God - Peter teaches for a half hour at the beginning of each class. 
Marie Jean
There is one more lady in the AM class
 - Theodette - 
I will try to get her picture with her pin cushion once it is finished.

Below is the PM class with except Grace whom I will show when she is finished hers.
I was impressed with the work on the pin cushions. They were well done for being the first thing that each of them have made. Only one lady, Zilipa, has a machine at home and her work showed that she had done some sewing. They all seemed excited and glad to have finished a project.