Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sewing Kits

Some of you have been asking about needs for the sewing school.

One of the things that I've been trying to get the students to collect is, the items needed in a sewing kit.
We teach them to make their own bags to hold the items, but they don't have access to some of these items in the community they live in. And to travel to a bigger center takes time and money.
I'd like to see them get:
 - a measuring tape (I don't see good quality tapes here.)
 - a pair small scissors for cutting thread at the sewing machine.
 - seam ripper (they have no problem using a straight razor - which is okay)
 - straight pins - they just sew without them, but sometimes you need them.
 - a couple of hand sewing needles (the ones that are for sale here are more like the ones your grandmother used to darn your socks!)
 - safety pins (1 or 2)
 - we teach them to make a small pin cushion - "the stuffing" for it is something I haven't seen here though!

The best is to bring it over yourself, or have it sent with someone that is coming. The shipping and insurance may be more than what you want to pay, but if you are sending something like that, you'd want it to get here!

Contact me if this is something that you'd like to do - we need to know that a package is coming or help  arrange to send with someone.

There are other needs too, but this one is one that lately some of you have been inquiring about.

Check also this website about - Sending Missionaries Parcels

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  1. Diane, you might just want to use fabric remnants, including the thread ends, to stuff those pincushions. Just a thought? Love you and miss you!