Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lemon Grass Tea And Other Good Things

Alphonsine makes the best Lemongrass Tea!!! I get it most mornings (Peter drinks coffee) and we get it each evening.
This is the best of the 'good things', we have come to the end of cutting out uniforms. Some of the students are finished with their last uniform item, so I'll have to think of things for them to do in the next 6 days they have left!
I made a pin cushion. One like the red tomato pin cushion.
I filled it with these scraps from the uniforms, but I wasn't happy the way the pins didn't go in nicely. 
So I rolled some yarn into a ball the size that fit my cushion cover.
And I love the way the pins go in! Maybe this would be a good project for the students!!!!
 I got the pattern for the pin cushion here, (there are other places too) and here is where you can get the history of the tomato pin cushion which I found quite interesting!
I remember my Mom used to have one of these!


  1. Great post and it sounds like a great project for them too. :)

  2. Leona Maye Kent says: can hardly wait---but I think I will still need my coffee in the morning!

  3. Esther says: You could chop up corn leaves and stems, dried, and stuff you pincushions with that, as corn leaves would have oil in them to stop the needles from rusting.
    Just a thought And it may be readily and cheaply available.