Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Bike

I only know one person who might rescue this bike from the dump, 
and he likely would fix it up better than what it is shown here. 
This bike is owned by our tailor, Theo. 
He says it gives him abdominal pains when he rides it. 
I see a lot of these bikes in this condition, rusting falling apart, and parts missing.

Wired together and smooth tires.
No pedals on the "holders" and more wire
A once beautiful leather seat cover!
Nice carrier with rubber straps to tie on purchases.
How many of you would go each day to and from work, about one hour ride one way, on this bike?


  1. I might, if it meant I didn't have to walk. But it would depend on if walking was actually faster. :)

  2. Doreen Louise Wiebe Nyuli says: Hi. It it doesn't look like it would work very good. Hope Peter doesn't hurt himself.