Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last Day of School

Yesterday was special!

We made a few announcements and gave their test back. 
Everyone had great marks! So everyone will graduate!

We, also let them know that they will be sewing for the month of February. We have started this month, making uniforms for the children at the Jesus Is Lord Temple school, and we need to make more. Some students have finished making a dress, shirt and shorts for the children. We will have 40 outfits made but need 60 to 70 for all the students at the preschool.  So we have asked them to stay on and finish that order in the month of Feb. 

This coming week is set aside to get ready for the graduation on Jan. 31.  A big day and a big celebration.

Peter and I brought 'Fanta' for everyone!!!

First class getting their tests back.

Second class with their 'Fanta'!

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