Thursday, January 31, 2013

With God All Things Are Possible

Graduation Day was a great, wonderful day!
God was given the glory and praise He deserved!
And we had perfect weather!
Only one student wasn't able to make it, she was sick.
We were very glad to hear that the leaders in the community will look into helping us get a cooperative together or something similar so that the students will be able to make money to help their families! The sewing school have been recognized by the sector leaders as a good addition to the community. They were very impressed with the work the students did in 6 months!
Students made their own choir and sang a number of songs.
Peter made a speech, I did too but no picture.
Epi joined us in October as translator, she was MC today. She gave me the dress I'm wearing on New Year's Day.
Margaret represented YWAM and gave a speech. She was one of our DTS leaders.
A leader in the community gave a speech.
The Executive Cell leader gave a speech.
A representative for the Pastors in the community gave a speech.
Teddy, one of the students, gave a speech on behalf of the students.
 The certificates were presented. (Sorry there are so many of me, couldn't be helped)
Anne Marie
A representative for Rose
Theophile, our teacher, got a recognition letter for doing the Bible lessons, as did all the other students.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last Day of School

Yesterday was special!

We made a few announcements and gave their test back. 
Everyone had great marks! So everyone will graduate!

We, also let them know that they will be sewing for the month of February. We have started this month, making uniforms for the children at the Jesus Is Lord Temple school, and we need to make more. Some students have finished making a dress, shirt and shorts for the children. We will have 40 outfits made but need 60 to 70 for all the students at the preschool.  So we have asked them to stay on and finish that order in the month of Feb. 

This coming week is set aside to get ready for the graduation on Jan. 31.  A big day and a big celebration.

Peter and I brought 'Fanta' for everyone!!!

First class getting their tests back.

Second class with their 'Fanta'!


Just was informed that the box number was wrong on our address.

That has now been changed.

Sorry for that - hopefully no one had sent anything to us yet.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Mailing Address

Just updated our contact info. We have a new mailing address. So go up to the top and check it out under  "Contact Me".

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Last Few Days

 While we were in Kigali for my Doctor's appointment we met up with a few friends. (Some pictured here.)
Oh the doctor's appointment went great. My ESR count is now normal, 21. I'm still on medication as he felt that staying at this level would be good and then next month start tapering off. Praise the Lord! I'm feeling that I want to be done with the medication and now it is looking good at being finished with it soon - meaning a couple of months or so!!!
Jerold Gliege from Canada. Was a great visit with him and a friend - who took the picture for us!
Sandra and Blessing came to visit us. They had taken DTS with us in June - Dec. 2011. We had not seen them for a year and one month.  Blessing wasn't to sure about us. She has grown so much. It was a great visit!
With the visits, shopping and appointment done, we traveled back Tues. late afternoon Nyagatare - home!
Today was back into our scheduled routine! Moto ride to school.

 Below are pictures from today's sewing day! They are all busy with getting the uniforms sewn up.

And they are doing a great job!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Guests and Uniforms

On Thursday last week, Dieudonne came to visit us at the sewing school. It was great to see him again. He is a fellow DTS student from 2011, and is now doing a great ministry work with street kids.

Today we had David (DTS Staff 2011) come visit. He is visiting Rwanda, and will be going back to school in Uganda this month, and wanted to get in a visit with us!

Today, also, we starting cutting out the uniforms for the preschool which also started today.

It will be a while till they all get uniforms but we are excited to be able to make them!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The church has been painted and decorated!

There were three days, Fri, Sat, Sun. Twenty-five were saved and many recommitted their lives.

On January 1st, there were more services and 4 more became Christians! What a great way to start off 2013!
They also server a meal to all who came. Corn on the cob was the appetizer, then a plate of mashed 'green banana', cassava root, beef, beans, and rice with a delicious sauce, ending with your choice of Fanta or African milk tea.