Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What We Have Been Doing

I'm been knitting toe socks!

Just about one done now!

Had to cook our own meals.

It was very tasty, I must say. Rice with cooked chinese cabbage, and refried beans.

Peter needed to get up on the roof to fix a rag in the peak.

Yep, take the shoes off.

Okay we will try the ladder from the neighbors.

Yep that better,

Sure with that spiral staircase was put here.

Surveying the next step.

This is the reason for getting up on the roof. This bird and it's mate are taking in big pieces of whatever and making a terrible noise then one of pieces fall out of place and roll down.
Before picture of the one Peter was up there to fix.
The after picture.
Our first carrot, small, but we wanted our own for Christmas dinner.

Plan to plant onions, and celery. Did and also lettuce and carrots. One row of each.

Not much to do on Christmas Day so Peter prepared the soil for planting.
Our Christmas Dinner. Notice the Watermelon "cheesecake". (really was missing all the traditional dishes)

The chicken was cooked at a restaurant, the beets were from our garden as were the carrots. Pickles, potatoes Peter found in the store.
We were able to talk with LaDonna and her family on the 23rd, and with them and John and Jazmine on the 24th. Jason and his family on the 25th as well as Kirk and his family.  They were great visits and we missed being with all of them. I'm thinking that we will try to be in Canada for next Christmas.

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