Friday, December 21, 2012

The Progress Is Great!

Below are some of the bags all the students were to make. Some have zippered pockets on the inside and/or on the outside, and they may have put a patch pocket on the inside. They were made a couple of weeks ago, and some of them are using them everyday to bring their sewing project that they are working on now. Even the community is noticing the work the students are doing and are impressed.
 Below is some of the requirements for graduation that the students are working on now. They include a shirt with collar and buttons with hand stitched buttonholes, a pair of shorts/pants with zipper and waistband, and a dress with a zipper. They have to sew these items for someone else, and they or the person they are sewing for has to supply the materials. After they are done with these items and are marked, they have to sew another shirt, pants, and dress with materials we will provide for them and they have to be sewn for a 12 year old person. We are hoping to get a 'job' sewing for a school, the uniforms for the children! After that if they still have time they will be sewing the above bags and the small lined zippered bag we made a while back, for sale at their Graduation! (February 1st, 2013)
Sorry I don't have more pictures - hopefully later. I have been very impressed with the items they are sewing. Everything is sewn with a treadle machine and no pins! I was asked today where I got my pins, I don't use them too often as I know they don't have any, had to say 'Canada!'. I'm thinking that may be an item they would like - But they are doing such a great job with out them!

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