Monday, December 3, 2012

So Since Sunday

So since Sunday, lots has happened. Our guests, Madeleen and Moise, who were here for the Youth Conference, left for Kigali after we did on Sunday. They had a service with the youth in the afternoon and we left before it started for Kigali. I had a blood test early on Monday morning. And Tuesday we saw the doctor. He was glad to know that my ESR was down to 28, and lessened my medication. So far things are going okay. I'm feeling the puffiness come back in my feet but there is no pain with it and that is great. I can handle the puffiness just not the pain!
We headed back to Nyagatare on Wednesday, after a few short days of rest! We got some packages in the mail while we were there. I now have some toe socks to knit up and some new pictures for my bulletin board.

Only a Grandma can treasure such beautiful art work and love!

Wednesday we had another guest stay. Daniel is considered a guest now, his graduation brought him back to Nyagatare.  Friday was his graduation and we had some of his family and friends over to help him celebrate. We had a wonderful day - He is now know as Dr. Daniel, a veterinarian, and proud of it!

Fanta and snack after at our house.
He left with them after the refreshments for Kigali.
Saturday, Peter and Alphonsine went to Ryabega for Children's Ministry and then I joined them there for the Grad party of one of our church members who had two daughters that graduated on Friday too. The party was at their house in Ryabega.
This is the couple who invited us to come.

Their yard filled with two tents and about 100 people.

Their daughters, the graduates.
We were very impressed with the speeches - Honoring God and giving Him the glory He deserves!
It was a great celebration - and a big meal too!

Well that takes me from one Sunday to the next Sunday!

We've had a busy week but we can't complain - God is good, we are healthy and content to be here, doing what we are doing!

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