Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life - lately!

Peter & Alphonsine transplanted some of the cabbage. I think we will have lots.

Our cucumber plants are starting to produce!
We had a cabinet made for our office at the school. Jaggen & Theophile help carry it in.

Some of the students helped Peter & Epi (our translator) carry in the new cutting table.

Cabinet in the office.

A.M. class around the new table!
The first picking of cucumbers! No more buying from the market!
The pumpkin patch has been doing well too. We took some to the school and gave to some of the students!

The last few weeks we have seen a lot of sewing getting done.  They need to prove to us they can make outfits that fit someone else, and they are doing very well!

The count down is on and there is last  minute learning and cutting and sewing.

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  1. Looks awesome . Good job missionaries doing and teaching practical thing that awesome . Thank you