Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Prayer Letter

Dear Family & Friends,

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year! Here in Rwanda, we are not feeling too much like Christmas. Although it is cooler, now in the rainy season, it's not as cold as Canada. We are enjoying some produce from our garden, like lettuce and chinese cabbage, and today we have cucumber. We have planted tomatoes, carrots, melons, cabbage, corn, and zucchini. We want to plant more - we are just waiting to get our hands on some seeds!

Our intentions were to write more often (our last letter was in August) so if you want to know more of what is happening in our lives, you are welcome to check out  "more posts on this blog".  So much has been happening that it would fill a lot of pages, and take too long to read in this letter. The blog is a great place to go & catch up, while you sit and have your morning coffee! If you don't have internet, find a friend who has, and maybe doesn't know what is happening over here, and share it with them! God is at work in the lives of the people here.

We have settled into our home and have had numerous overnight visitors, and there are plans to have more!  We want this house to be a blessing to others. There has been a lot of yard work done by others (hired by the landlord), and it is starting to look like it will be a very nice landscaped yard. 

We have a live-in house help. Alphonsine is a hard worker and her intentions are to fatten us up! (She is succeeding!) She doesn't know English as well as Daniel did, so we have had some good laughs! Eg. One evening during the meal, we were talking about the next evening meal and what she could prepare for it! Well, we receive that meal the next morning for breakfast!!! Let's see, I believe we had beans (kidney type), and sauce, rice, and plantain bananas - it was very good, just not what we were expecting for breakfast. Since then, she has learned a lot of English and we have learned some Kinyarwandan. We love having her here and she goes home (Ryabega - she attends the same church we do), every Saturday till Sunday evening. We are well looked after, and are very glad she is around to do the things we just don't have time for, as we go every day to the sewing school.

So how is ministry going! : (as per last letter in Aug. )

Ministry Project One:
We have finished 4 months of 6 in the sewing school. The 20 students (all ladies) have been progressing very well. The school is getting great reviews within the community, and we will probably not have any difficulty in getting another twenty students when we start again in February. We have many pictures (there are lots on this blog) of the things the ladies have done. These last two months now, they are going to have to work hard and sew items that will be graded in order for them to pass and get a certificate. They also, will have a written sewing and Bible test, as we have Bible lessons at the beginning of each class. We now have a full time translator, which is great!

PRAY for the students, and their families, some do not know the Lord as their personal Savior.

You can donate to YWAM Vancouver (address & info in the "Financial Support" or in the "Ashes To Worship Ministry (Rwanda)" tabs above) for the expenses of running the Sewing School:
* - teacher - 50,000 RWF = $80.00 (a monthly gift)
* - translator - 50,000 RWF = $80.00 (a monthly gift)
* - rent for building - 50,000 RWF = $80.00 (a monthly gift)
So far we have had funds donated for these items, but that money is getting low, and we will need to have it replenished. The above amounts are monthly expenses. We really appreciate those of you who are believing with us that God is in this ministry, and He is doing great and marvelous things in the lives of Rwandans!

Ministry Project Two:
The children's ministry is still happening every Saturday morning. Peter and Alphonsine lead it with help from older youth. We have about 20 to 40 children come. They are told a Bible story, and they play games, and sing. We are hoping that they are learning more about God and His Word.
We don't have any costs for this ministry, but really covet your Prayers for the leaders as they minister, and for the children and their families.
Ministry Project Three:
Construction of Pre-school:   We have not received enough funds for building the school, so we have opted for Plan B. 
There is a 'home' type building behind the church that will need a few funds for fixing it up to standard to hold school for older children.  It will need a cement floor, and some desks, and a teacher. We hope that this will be finished in time for the starting school in the new year.  We will not have a problem with getting 20 to 30 children to attend in this area. 

You can donate to YWAM Vancouver (address & info in the "Financial Support" or in the "Ashes To Worship Ministry (Rwanda)" tabs above) for the expenses of running the School:
* - cement for floor - 80,000 RWF = $125.00 (a one time gift)
* - sand - 100,000 RWF = $160.00 (a one time gift)
* - labor - 25,000 RWF = $40.00 (a one time gift)
* - school desks - 100,000 RWF = $160.00 (a one time gift)
* - teacher - 60,000 RWF = $95.00 (a monthly gift)
* - sponsor a child for school - Pre-school - $20.00 a month, Primary 1-6 - $30.00 a month, Senior 1-6 - $40.00 a month.

During the year of 2013, we hope that we will be able to have the funds donated for the construction of the Government approved Pre-school building and start holding classes in the year 2014.

We are planning a conference at a neighboring village, that is in need of a church. The conference will be held on December 28-30, 2012. The plan is to teach our church attenders to witness and go into the community and start a new church in that area.  Peter and Pastor Alex will be going on Saturday (today) to see where we could start a church there. Please Pray for this conference that many will hear about Jesus and His reason for coming to this earth!

We would love to thank each one of you who have supported us, through your prayers and finances this year. We look forward to another great year serving God here in Rwanda. We have been blessed with the love that is shown by you, the Rwandans, and by God! Our plans, Lord willing, are to be here for another year or so before we visit Canada and USA. We want to establish the sewing school and the Pre-school.

God bless you,
Peter & Diane Salmond

NOTE: This is the final month of the year 2012, and time for last chance donations. YWAM is asking us to remind our donors that any donations needing 2012 tax receipt MUST be received in their office BEFORE 2PM (PST) on Monday, December 31, 2012.

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