Thursday, November 22, 2012

Market Day and Our Garden

Today as every Thursday is Market day in Nyagatare!
In the afternoon Peter and I went - it's been some time since I've been shopping!

 Most of the goods are used, and are laid out on tarps or hanging on poles.
 This lady we bought from before and she was good about her prices so I bought more from her again. (Madeleen she says hi to you!)
This is our garden. I know needs weeding.

These are the cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes, that Peter planted. The carrots he planted to deep but some are coming!

This is our chinese cabbage. Decided to try some for dinner tonight. (I think I need some help on how to serve it! We are going to have lots, so I better know how!)
We have been pretty busy - and will be enjoying a day or two to relax next week and have a checkup with the Doctor. But before that we are involved in a Youth Conference with the church in Ryabega this coming weekend. I guess that starts tomorrow!
Please pray that God will be glorified and honored and the youth will see Him working in their lives.


  1. Leona Maye Kent says: that chinese cabbage grew very well, stir fry but you can be creative. mix it with other vegs or chopped up with your rice. Improvise and make a cabbage you have bay tree with fresh bay leaves, I think a tomato sauce with bay leaves....

  2. I am making some into a soup right now! Just broth and cabbage and bean sprouts.