Monday, November 26, 2012

Youth Conference Sunday

The Children's choir sang!
The 'Daughter Church Choir' sang too!
Madeleen was back to share her testimony. She stayed with us.
The Youth choir sang and danced.
As did the Adult choir.
Moise (white shirt) was there to lead worship, here he is playing for the songs. He stayed with us too. He was one of our fellow students during DTS.
The church gave Madeleen a gift,
and Moise.
And us!
The church added more to the congregation - hence another picture!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Youth Conference and Lawn

 First day of the Youth Conference.
Teaching use of the evangecube.
Children that came.
Seventeen came to know the Lord as Savior during the outreach time in the morning, and some attended the afternoon service at the church. We are looking forward to Saturday and Sunday meetings.

Lawn being planted. They dig out grass that is growing and replant it in the dirt. 
The green grass in this picture was planted before we moved into the house.
This is newly planted. It also rained during the day.
Our mango tree which has unripe mangos on it that they eat while working!
This shows yesterdays planting and today's planting. The grass will die and then come back.

Sponsor A Child

I just started a new page entitled "Sponsor A Child". If you are viewing this on my blog you will see it just below the Title & picture at the top of this blog. Click on the tab "Sponsor A Child" and you will open the page. Right now at the time of this post I only have one child and she is being sponsored already. I hope in the next while, to be able to get more pictures of children, their names, ages and education level, and you can pick which one you would love to sponsor.

I think that it is important to get an education and many children here do not have that opportunity.

Please pray about it, remember education isn't just for one year.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Market Day and Our Garden

Today as every Thursday is Market day in Nyagatare!
In the afternoon Peter and I went - it's been some time since I've been shopping!

 Most of the goods are used, and are laid out on tarps or hanging on poles.
 This lady we bought from before and she was good about her prices so I bought more from her again. (Madeleen she says hi to you!)
This is our garden. I know needs weeding.

These are the cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes, that Peter planted. The carrots he planted to deep but some are coming!

This is our chinese cabbage. Decided to try some for dinner tonight. (I think I need some help on how to serve it! We are going to have lots, so I better know how!)
We have been pretty busy - and will be enjoying a day or two to relax next week and have a checkup with the Doctor. But before that we are involved in a Youth Conference with the church in Ryabega this coming weekend. I guess that starts tomorrow!
Please pray that God will be glorified and honored and the youth will see Him working in their lives.

Here are some updates Nov 12 to 19

November 7th, Peter went with this fellow to a place near the Ugandan border to visit a German run sewing school.
November 10th, Children's Ministry.
 November 12th, I took pictures of the retaining wall they built because the rains were washing the dirty under the gate!

November 13th, they emptied the water tank and cleaned it out, now it is ready for the new rains. It will fill and we will have water during the dry season!
November 14th, more finished sewing projects are being modeled!

We also had some lettuce from our garden, producing very nicely as the evenings are cool and the days hot!
Recooked beans, mashed banana, rice and cucumbers (from the market) with our lettuce.

Peter had his salad smothered in mayo!
November 15th, I finished this little dress and gave it away. Someone wanted to buy it from me and when I found out that it would sell in the market for about 3000 RWF ($4.75) and thought about what I paid for the material, I knew I wanted to do what God had already placed on my heart to do - give it away!

November 18th, the little girl wore it to church!

November 19th, we were noticing a good sized water leak at the water meter. Peter warned them about cutting the line but it got lost in translation! Lots of fun!!!

Water ran to test out the new retaining wall.

And more progress at sewing!
We printed some pictures for the ladies to see how they are doing! They were pleased!

They are doing so great and I'm hearing that we are talked about in the community and more ladies are just waiting for us to finish this 6 month course and start another! Praise the Lord!!!
Our mirrored windows cause the birds to fly into them and they sit for some time before flying away!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lettuce and Progress

A dress for a daugher
Baby dress made from material Madeleen left.

A skirt that fits.

Another skirt!

Another baby dress.

A dress made for her daughter!
Baby dress.

A button hole bag - teaching how to do the buttonhole stitch!

Another baby dress.

And yet another!

Button hole bag.

A shirt!

Another shirt!
Our first lettuce from our garden with purchased cucumber and onion. Very yummy!