Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yard Work

Friday we didn't have school because the community of Ryabega had to 'mosquito control'!  All the adults had to clean all the rooms in their houses. The government provided the spray!
So we caught up on some things around the house and yard.
Took a pic, through the window, of Peter doing some early morning, 5 am, hoeing in the garden.

And taking a break!

These guys were here by 8 am to make bricks until about 5 pm.

They have made enough now to make the guest house,  I mean the guard house, next to the brick toilet and shed.

In the evening we shelled peanuts and roasted them, watched a couple of episodes of "I Love Lucy".
Today, Saturday, we 'pruned' the pumpkin plant to make room for the clothes line I wanted moved.
We finally purchased this need item, Rwandan made - more sturdy than the imported ones.


  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says: roasted peanuts....yummy !!! Love Pete's outfit for working in the The wheelbarrow is amazing , how much in CDN funds does that cost there ?

  2. Marlene Pannenbecker says: ahhhh so approx the same price as here ? Likely just get better quality there than you would here for $ 65

  3. Esther Lee says: wow, a lot of bricks, course what would I know,...never having built a house of brick eh? :)