Saturday, October 13, 2012

Groundbreaking Today

We are sure the Lord is telling us to step out in Faith!
The church members did that today by preparing the ground where the school will be built for the children.
We are praying that God will supply the funds and the materials for a building that will house three classrooms and one office. We are hoping that it will be finished by the end of 2012. It does take about 2 months to build a building this size, if all the funds and materials are there. The need for a school is definitely there. There are children that in the area that have no school close by to attend. They also may or may not have the funds to attend school. This project will help them get the education they need and want, and deserve.
The needs for this project:
 - funds for building
 - materials for building
 - sponsorship for child to attend school
 - three teachers
This is the back of "Jesus Is Lord" church we attend.
This was the starting at 8 AM this morning!
Another angle showing the building behind the church.
After we went and visited a few people (another post) we came back to this much done by 12 noon.
We prayed with the group that was there that God would bless the project and see that it would be completed in His timing!

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