Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doctor Appointment

I know some of you are interested in the results of the doctor's appointment. I got the routine blood work done the day before so that the Doc would have the results for the next day's appointment.

The ESR was 30 last month, 72 this month! (0 to 20 is normal) Neither the Doctor or us, were glad to hear that. I have been feeling fine so it was a surprise! Don't know what is up with that, but the Doc ordered another test to see if he can narrow down what is causing the problem and hopefully be able to target the problem more accurately!!! So back to the lab for another blood sample!

He never changed the medication this time but hopes to do so next month when we see him.

So we will all have to wait!

We are praising God that He is good! We are able to carry on with the work He has called us here to do and we are rejoicing about that!

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