Friday, October 12, 2012

Care Packages

We really, really don't need anything. We can get pretty much all we need here, just maybe not our favorite brand!!! So in saying that why do I still write about 'care packages'?

Well, someone send me an email about a care package, and I got to thinking that the few letters we have received already, are really a nice treat from home. We've received letters, cards, seeds, socks, and photos. They have made our day! A care package, well, ......

Down on the right side of this page, (on my blog if that is where you are reading this) is a "LINKS" section with "missionary-care-package-ideas" in the list. If you click on it, it will take you to a great site that will help you in getting a package together (what to put in it - lots of ideas) and how to send it. But below I will list a few things, that would be a nice little treat to receive.  Keep in mind - sending a small package is better than not getting the Big package at all!

Oh, but before that - the address:

Peter & Diane Salmond
YWAM Rwanda
BP 3159
Kigali, Rwanda

List of ideas:

Irish Spring Cool Scrub (with scrubbing beads) soap,
Seeds to plant - vegetables and flowers,
Herbal teas - the zinger fruity ones , not chamomile,
Small games, card games,
Scented candles,
Batteries - sizes D, AAA, AA,
Gift certificates - online purchases - audio files.

VALUE VILLAGE FINDS: I don't mind good used items! (Except tea bags, coffee grounds, etc.!!!)
Magazines - fashion ones for sewing school, Readers' Digest, etc.,
Used sewing patterns - tailored men's shirt, men's dress pants, easy children's patterns, easy and hard to do lady's dress,  (include all pieces, but don't buy new!),
Decorations for christmas and birthdays or other celebrations (not halloween though),
Christmas music - make sure they work - waste of money to send if they are scratched,
DVD - good wholesome movies - old and new (kind of miss movie night) - make sure they work,
Used zippers, all lengths and colors,
Thompson Chain Bible good used! (a heavy item, so one in a package if you find it at VV!),
Yarn leftovers, or not,
Note paper.

You are welcome to leave a note if you have sent an item or two, so that others may not duplicate items, but not necessary!!! Just a thought!

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