Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back to Routine

Well not so sure but some things have been happening in the last few days.

Chantel the last one to complete her bag!

We ride a moto to school, and on the way home we catch a ride. Today was different, the beer semi stopped to pick us up, and his truck was loaded. They spoke French so they just took us to Nyagatare centre! We usually catch a taxi van or a personal vehicle heading to Nyagatare on the way home. All but the taxi vans are free rides!!!! We are blessed!

These mud bricks were made while we were in Kigali for the guard house that will go next to the building that you see!

These bricks were made today. The two guys had just popped out of the water tank. Not sure if they are cleaning it or just getting water to help make the bricks.

A few views from our house.

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