Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Project

This project the church members have taken on themselves!

There is a lady, Franswas Nisingizwe, attending church with 2 children. Her husband up and left her about 6 years ago. She hasn't a proper roof on her house, and because of that and the harassing she gets during the night, she has moved and is living with her mother. She would like to have her own place nearer her mother, as her mother is sick and needs some care, as well as, Franswas needs someone to watch her children when she works.  We visited her today as well as others.

This is only one of many that need help here. As we walked along from place to place we saw more than enough that need help. We want to be able to be "Jesus with skin on" to these people! To show them that we care will help them see Jesus. It really is exciting to be a help to them! They keep telling us "God bless you for what you are doing!" - well He has! What a rich reward to be here and doing this and helping others. We truly are BLESSED! We just hope that we can be a blessing to more so that they can see Jesus and glorify Him!!! He is the one that is doing this!!!! We just happen to love being His instruments in showing Him to others!!!

Franswas' two children.

Franswas' mother on the far left, Franswas on far right.

Roof in her house.


Franswas in her two room house.

Franswas outside the house.

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