Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Time To Rest UPDATED

On Friday, we left Nyagatare/Ryabega for Kigali, to take a break and to see the doctor.

We went to the sewing school in the morning on Friday and met up with Alex who took us over to see the village cell leader, Silver! We explained what we are doing and he was pleased with the way we are helping the people in the community. We have had a number of these meetings with leaders from different communities and have met with approval from all of them!  Praise the Lord!

We said our goodbyes to the morning class and headed out to catch a bus for Kigali.

We got to Kigali a little after lunch, and ate at the "Great Wall of China Restaurant" for a late lunch. Found out that even here they use MSG in the preparation of the Chinese food as it affected me!!!

Then we found our selves a place to stay at the "Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel" just down the hill from there. (All other places around were just a bit more than what we wanted to spend!) It is a nice place and they even serve meals if you request ahead of time, but there are lots of places to eat near by. It is also close to the "King Faisal Hospital" where we need to go on Mon. and Tues.

We relaxed on Sat. and in the evening were able to talk with Jason & Becky, Nolan, Makenna and Daeton! It had been awhile since we had talked with them on Skype. It was good to see them and they all are doing well and have a very busy life! The kids have grown so much since we visited them in March.

On Sunday we went to an English speaking church for the first time in 3 months - the "Christ's Church of Rwanda"! What a difference! It was nice to listen to a sermon instead of being the preacher and good to just be in the audience. It was my mom's B-day, so in the evening I called her and she was surprised, and we had a good little chat!

SUNDAY afternoon we went over to see a newborn, just 24 hrs. old. Hedva is the daughter of Julius and Evelyne. Evelyne was in our DTS class we took last year -June to December 2011. We got to hold her and give her some gifts! And she is the cutest baby ever!!! Then we went to visit Arnold and Winnie and their family and pick up some packages that had come in the mail!

Monday we went to the hospital (walked because it is close) to get another blood test taken to see if I've been improving. Then we headed to the "Kimironko Market" to do some shopping! Bartered for 2 pairs of dress pants for Peter, a shirt for Diane and a few other things! Met up with a lady who makes jewelery from grass, horn, paper, and beads who spoke English very well, and her prices were very good! I'd take you all there to see her work and buy her goods if you'd come to visit me!

In the evening we were able to talk and see Kirk & Candace, Keelyn, Kiersten, Conner and Katie! They too are all doing well and have a busy life! Since our visit with them in Feb. they have grown a lot. Katie's almost 4 months and is a little cutie!!!

We then Skyped with LaDonna & Jason, and got to see Marrissa, Wyatt, Rayna, Matty, and Axle. The older girls, Kristyn & Cora-Jean, were gone to visit friends. John and Jaz (John's girl friend) were there and we were able to talk with them too. The children have all grown since we saw them in May too. Life is busy at that house with so many there, but we did get to talk a bit about how they are doing, and it sounds like life to good!!!!

It was great to talk with our children and grandkids, and we hope that we will be able to do it a bit more often with coming into Kigali each month!

This morning, Tues. we had an appointment with the specialist at 10:30 AM. So after breakfast we walked down to the hospital and talked with him. The results of the tests done on Mon. showed that the protein count is down from 76 to 30 (normal being 0 to 20) so the doctor has lessened the pills from 8 a day to 6. I have been doing much better in the last 3 weeks.

Tomorrow we will head back to Nyagatare and back into schedule!

But right now, I think we are going to go have a "Hamburger"!!!!! One more last little treat before our break is over!

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  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says: So glad you are taking a break for a few days....when you go back it is so much easier to deal when your not worn out and tired !!! I would love to skype one day too when you have a break and can....love ya