Friday, September 14, 2012

You Look Smart

Looking 'smart' is important here! 

On Sunday, my friend Sylvia came from Kigali to visit her family in Ryabega. She didn't know that I was going to her church so she was a little surprised to see me. She was asked to come up and translate for me and we had a good hug from each other and a good visit after church!
She looked so 'smart' and wanted a picture of the two of us. She had translated for me in December 2011, New Year's weekend when we had visited the church in Ryabega for the first time, and then had visited us before we left for Canada at the end of January, and then came to greet us when we landed back in Kigali the end of May. It is interesting to know all who she is related to now that we know more of the people in her home town.
But - this is about looking 'smart'! I was feeling a bit frumpy in my shirt that I had sewn in Canada before we came over here in June of 2011. On Monday, I had plans to alter the shirt and started by taking it all apart and cutting it up. It sat till today! Today I stayed home and did some sewing and mending, and then started on the shirt!

I think it looks much 'smarter' than before! Well I'm happy with it, and there were three others that thought it turned out pretty good! I've learned so much in the sewing classes!

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  1. Marlene Pannenbecker: I love your new look awesome !! You need to wear more clothes like this - your so beautiful, these type of clothes help you "shine your light" that much more !!