Thursday, September 13, 2012


I started this mat this week with one gal in the morning class.

A day later I finished it.

The afternoon class wanted to know how it was done so we did one today!

Sewing on the binding.

Doing the hand stitching.
A good way to use up the scraps of material. The material the ladies are using is very old used material, as they are still practicing make garments. The backing I have donated from scraps I have. The 'quilt batting' is cut from some quilted pillow shams Peter bought at the market!


  1. Esther Lee: So glad you are feeling better, we love the posts, and seeing how God is working through you and Peter.

  2. Leona Maye Kent: very nice, it is good that you are able to use up the scraps. inventive on the batting. I wonder if you could make the batting out of knitted square with left over yarn.

  3. Shirlene Scherle Henning: I was thinking what I could do with some of the scraps I have. A great idea!! Thanks Diane. So nice to hear you are feeling better, and I'm enjoying sitting in on your classes. It feels like I'm there with you. PTL.

  4. Thanks all! Leona Maye Kent I was thinking about cutting up old sweaters too and using them!

  5. Leona Maye Kent: It should work, just may be bumpy sewing. You'll figure something out, you're resourceful.