Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stepping into the Water

When we were called to come to Rwanda, we didn't know what to do! Finally we made a decision, and God worked things out and we came! We had to take a step, we had to do something!

The same thing happened when we started the children's program in the church,
and when we started the sewing school. We went ahead and started to proceed with what we knew God wanted us to do.

We know that there is a great need for a preschool too. So we are going to step into action. We are going to start clearing the land by the end of August! We want all of you - yes those of you who are reading this! - to pray with us and to help us.

The needs are great for this project!
The building is going to cost just about $70,000.00 USD!
It will take about 2 months to build the 3 room building!
And each child, who will not be supported by their family, will need $10.00 a month sponsorship!

Our goal is to have the school up and running for January 1st, 2013, when a new school term is about to start!

Your part?

Prayer, physical labor, donations, and encouragement are a few things that come to my mind!

Seek God and He will let you know how you can help! 

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