Monday, August 20, 2012

Putting Theory into Practice

Well, today the morning class got to see last weeks teaching become reality! We have been learning how to make a pattern for a customer that would like to have a top, skirt or trousers made. We learned how to measure them and then put it onto fabric - we used paper last week.
I had taken a bit of new fabric with me to class today, and so I was measured for a pair of trousers, and this was the process.
Making chalk marks from the measurements they took from me onto the fabric.
Drawing the lines, this shows the front cut out and laid down to draw the back of the trousers.
We started sewing it together, but class had to end so no finished product today!
Peter does a half hour Bible teaching at the beginning of each class. We have 10 students for the morning and another 10 in the afternoon. We turned away 6 new students today, proving this is a desired course wanted in this area!

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