Monday, August 13, 2012

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Sunday, August 12, 2012
What a day!
To back up a little we were talking with a lady at the YWAM base on Saturday minutes before we headed back to Nyagatare. We had been sharing about my swelling and pain and she related how a friend of her's had the same. Did tests and finally found out is was polymyalgia rheumatica. She wasn't sure about the name, but I did some research on the internet when I got home.
Polymyalgia Rheumatica is what I have - self diagnosed - found out there is relief for it and it will go away if treated - unlike fibromyalgia! Click here for a good read on Polymyalgia Rheumatica! (Of course you can do your own search!) On Thursday, when we were in Kigali, I visited the doctor but the meds he prescribed were not working. On Saturday when we finally got home, it was very late and I knew that I needed to get more help. With the info the lady at YWAM gave me I wanted to get the help I needed to get better. On Sunday, there was a toss up with either going to church or waiting and going to the first day of the sewing school on Monday. We ask Alex which he thought was better and he wanted me there on Monday. So I did a little internet research on Sunday morning. Layed down for a nap - drugged with Acetimiphen and Ibuprofen, which neither drug touches it, was in pain, slept for about an hour and woke with pain. That seemed to do me in!!! I had had enough. I knew from my research that there was a blood test that would prove something and medication that would help me be out of pain and without swelling!!! I wanted it! And I wanted it now!
We talked, okay I cried, and we decided to go to the hospital here in Nyagatare! So the three of us, had to take Daniel for translation - He is a God send!!!! We walked down to the hospital, no doctor available - he's in surgery! We go to leave and Daniel meets a friend who is a nurse! He proceeds to write us up a document for some blood tests. Off we go to another building to get the prices of the tests. Each of these items have been taking us about 1/2 to 1 hr. each! Then it is a trip to the Labo (laboratory)! When we get there we have a discussion - I didn't want to pay for a test of Malaria when I'm on anti-Malaria medication! and I really didn't want any test that wasn't for the condition I thought I had. Back to see a doctor! Daniel goes and gets the test I want added to the other 4 on the list. Then another discussion - I only want to have the one test done! I do win, with the help of one of the lab techs. who speaks English! So one blood sample - 1 hour and 30 minutes to wait for the results. We wait, we get the results, we go find a doctor to read the results! Another hour goes by. We finally give up waiting (I'm getting disappointed by now, I'll not get the drugs I need tonight, and I want so badly to be getting better for tomorrow!) (and the website said that it would be 24-48 hrs to being much better, grrrr!)
So we have to go back, it's on the way home anyway, to the lab because we left a package there. The lab tech that took my blood asked if we saw a doctor, 'No' was our sad reply! "I'll get you a doctor." he says. We are hopeful again!
He brings out a doctor from within the lab and he even speaks English!!!! So another discussion about my condition - I had a paper with things on it like the name of the condition and the symptoms and the medication and the tests to be done, etc. I'm so glad I'd done that! He talks, tells us what the results are ( 20 was normal and 60 was what my test read - that was high) and listens and eventually says that he would like to do another test. They still have my sample so they do the test. Waiting for only a few minutes for this result - 10 min. and it comes back normal. So we then head to his office so that he can write me out a prescription!!!! Oh yeah, I'm so happy! He gives me 3 prescriptions - one for the inflammation, one for the muscle pain and one for sleeping at night!!!! I sit, Peter and Daniel head for the Pharmacy!
Don't you just love it that the Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Doctor's Office all stay open 24/7!!!!!! I do!
So they get back we could only get two filled - one for inflammation and the sleeping pill! I'm good! We head home, but we have to buy food for our supper being that it's 9 PM and too late to start the coals to cook! I have to take food with these meds. So we by bread, tomatoes, onions for sandwiches, and eggs for breakfast! That takes time as you have to pick the best and get a good price!!!! Oh I'm so tired and sore by this time, I haven't had any drugs for about 5 hrs. - not that they did anything anyway!!!!
All in all, I take them with food and go to bed, in the morning the swelling is down and I'm ready to take on the day.

Saturday, August 13, 2012
Our first day of the sewing school. And I can walk, my pain is down too! We head out to Ryabega, we are late and don't catch a van or bus. We end up taking a moto for quite a bit more. Only Alex and the tailor Theophile are there, and the packages with the new sewing machines.
The rest of the day is great! We open packages, a few students come and we have an opening day. Introduce ourselves and present the goal of the sewing school and discuss how it will be run! All of us are excited and ready to have it happen! I'm not feeling any pain, and the swelling has just about disappeared! I'm just Praising God!!!!
New machines from donations given to Ashes to Worship! ( you can see my hands are a little bit swollen, I'll soon be able to wear my rings again!)
Workers fixing the 'office' room!
Putting the cabinets together for the machines.
The students and tailor in front of the YWAM donated machines!
A new machine!   

We give the glory to God for a very successful two days!!!!! Satan was defeated once again.
Thank You Jesus!

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  1. Glad things are going well! You look like you are in a lot of pain in the first picture.