Thursday, August 16, 2012

Machine Worker Greeting Class

Each day we are greeted by the village people on the street where the school is.

This fellow is digging the hole for the sewer, we will soon have a toilet to use!

I think they like that I check their progress each day! A pretty nice deep round hole he's dug!

Wednesday class, another new student.
Thursday's class - 3 new ones. and a couple missing.

After class we were finished with putting the machines together. Ready for tomorrow, and soon will be using them. One more day of instructions!
Path walking home after reaching Nyagatare1

I'm tired, but it's a good tired, although being that I was sick for two weeks, and then went right into going out to the school every day -Monday to Thursday, I just may take a needed break before I crash! Praise God we now have 11 students registered and hope for more. Our goal is to have 20 students, 2 classes a day of 10 each!

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  1. Great pictures! God gave us a sabbath day for a reason. Make sure you take advantage of it!