Monday, August 6, 2012

August Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

We arrived safely in Rwanda, May 31, and stayed at the YWAM base in Kigali for 6 weeks. Peter did some maintenance around the base. Our class mate Tony came and with Peter taught at a church in Kabuga (near Kigali) on Church Leadership and Discipleship for one week.

On July 11th we moved out to Nyagatare (near Ryabega). Our first load of things arrived, just before us. Method and Mary, from the YWAM base in Kigali, brought another couple out to see the property that YWAM owns in the same area where we are working, and they brought the load out with their truck for us. We are so thankful to them for this gift to us.

The first weeks here were spent getting settled into our new home, preparing and starting ministry.

Ministry Project One - We have a house that we can start the Sewing school in, Pastor Alex and Epiphanie, his wife, and family have rented the dining and living room part of their home to Ashes To Worship for the sewing school. We have a sewing teacher, whom Diane will assist, and a translator. We have 4-6 sewing machines that have been donated to us, to go along with the two sewing machines the teacher already has. Diane is praying for an electric sewing machine that she will be able to use, as long as there is power, to help the students along the way. We have 20 students that are
interested in learning to sew, which means we will need more sewing machines. Other purchases are a table for cutting material, two office chairs and ten to twenty chairs for the sewing machines. We do have some money donated toward these items already. Each class will start with a discipleship devotional that will help each of them also grow spiritually. We are aiming at starting school on Mon. Aug. 13th.
Costs of running the sewing school:
*- 1 sewing machine is $150.00 USD,
*- rent for the building is $80.00 USD a month,
*- wages for the sewing teacher is $65.00 USD a month.
We will be charging the students 1000 RWF (about $1.60 USD) a month so they have some ownership into the school as well. The 6 months of training will cost them about $10.00 USD each, which for some of them, it will be a sacrifice. Plus we will encourage them to bring their own materials for the garments or items they will learn to sew. If we have money donated for materials, we can purchase the material here in Rwanda or across the border into Uganda or Tanzania, and have it available for them to use or buy.

Ministry Project Two – This one came as a bit of a surprise and yet it came about because project one has been put on hold as funds have not come yet. So the Lord laid it on our hearts to start a children's program. A kid's club for ages 3-16, although the little ones will have a class of their own, and the older ones will be discipled in leading the groups/teams. Please pray often for this program, it will be our window into the community. On Tuesday, the 24th of July, we had our first kid's club. 82 children from the ages 2-16, schools are taking a break now until Sept. We are praying that many parents will also be reached through this program.
Needs for the Kid's clubs: (we made do with:)
4 bean bags Diane made, 4 - 2 L water bottles, rope we had bought, and 4 small balls bought from the local store. The community we are working in is extremely poor and many of the people have to haul water on foot for about two km or more from a dam down in a small valley. So it is hard to get support money from the community.

Ministry Project Three – is connected to project two because the Church we meet in is made of adobe bricks, and the Government will not let us hold pre-school for the children in it. The Government regulations require the small factory-made bricks for the pre-school building. Before the pre-school children can go to school, we will need to built a building that meets the government regulations. The children coming to the kid's club, all came from within 1 km around the church. So there are many children that would benefit from the construction of the pre-school. We would love to start this project ASAP. Many of the children are young and need sponsorships in order to be able to go to school.
The total cost of the Pre-school is:
The building $68,000.00 - $70,000.00 USD. We know that this sounds like a lot of money, but it is enough to build a three classroom school with two offices and two bathrooms. The classrooms will be for children ages 3-6. At age 6 or 7 they start attending the government run schools.
The school will be built in three stages
Stage one is the foundation,
Stage two is the first classroom and the office and bathrooms,
Stage three is the last two class rooms.
Each stage of building would be $23,500.00 USD.

Fund Raising Idea: We would love to hear from you if you are willing to take on this challenge and are interested in working with us. We know that you would be blessed and you will have a part in changing the lives of many children for your efforts. PLEASE PRAY and see if God is calling you to this ministry, to work alongside “Ashes To Worship”, in reaching Ryabega, Rwanda, Africa with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you could start, or be part of a team, to raise funds for this project, we would love to hear from you. Maybe the youth group in your church could have a fund raiser for one of the projects mentioned above. You may even consider raising the funds and delivering them personally to get an idea of where God will use it, and meet and work with the people in this community.
Your church may consider a short term mission trip, which could consist of:
*-evangelism and church ministry in the village of Ryabega and surrounding villages, *-a work project, like helping build the pre-school, *-a visit to the Akagara National Park, where you will see many of Rwanda's wild animals, *-the opportunity to visit a Genocide Memorial Site, *-a shopping trip to the city of Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

We hope you will see the Lord open the doors, as we (and you) are obedient in stepping through and moving forward. Pray with us that the Lord will grant us patience to wait when we need to wait, and also pray that we will know God's Will when He wants us to start each project. We are trusting God to meet the needs as they arise over the next while and throughout this next year.

On another note, our children are all doing well. We were so glad to have been able to visit with all the them when we were home, except for the two newest grandchildren who have been born after our visits. We are truly blessed. LaDonna and Jason & family are doing well since their fire in Feb., progress has been slow but things are moving forward. They had tremendous support after the fire. Thanks to all who helped!

Thank you for your many prayers and financial support of the ministry here. We pray God will bless you as you are led by Him.

See above for information for:
Financial Support for Peter and Diane Salmond and for Ashes To Worship

Also we have started a page on FaceBook called “Ashes To Worship”. You are more than welcome to 'friend' it, or 'like' it, and we hope to keep adding new updates!

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