Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Homesteading!

If I can take the liberty to call it 'homesteading'!
Now that we have a bit of internet access - don't know how long this will last - I put some more pictures of the days we have been here.

Cooking outdoors!

Yummy beans!!!

First planted avocado

Digging the hole for the second avocado tree.

The seed with compost-able material.
Thanks to Jason & LaDonna for the Garlic peeler! Great to have here as the garlic are small and very readily used!!!!
Alphonsine - teaching her to make a crocheted hat after a hard morning of yard work and shopping!

Today two men came to move the red dirt in our vegetable garden spot - the one with his back to us is Daniel our guard.

This is a 'seed'. You can get 'slips' of plants from neighbors to start in your own garden. I'm liking this vine!
The men above rode bikes to our house to work - Peter had to show them the 'old white man' could ride.

Me! I was told I was lying when I said I could ride too! Had to prove otherwise!!!! Got some laughs and made their day!
That's the excitement so far!!!!

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