Sunday, July 1, 2012


On Wednesday we went to see a couple of houses. Much more extravagant than we were thinking about getting. Alex did some searching for us and there isn't too much of a selection of houses in Nyagatare that have a brick wall on all four sides of the yard. The price is higher than we wanted. Now the negotiations! There were a few things that needed doing on the one house that we liked.

So Thursday, we met with Alex and the owner and talked! We will go and see the house again on July 8th, see what he has done on the place, will possible sign an agreement, and pay for 3 months rent, then start to move in.

I'm so ready to have our own place. Alex has a housekeeper in mind. She doesn't know to much English, but is trust worthy and eager to learn English and will work hard! I am looking forward to working with her and learning some Kinyarwanda. We've bought a Kinyarwanda - English dictionary and hope that will be a help for both of us. We are thinking about having a guard/gardener too.

Friday, I was ready for a day off, not going anywhere or doing too much. We had been doing a lot of walking around in the last week, and my body was almost screaming for a break. In the evening we borrowed a movie "Courageous". I was thinking after the party we went to after dinner for a couple of hours, I'd fall right asleep. But not with this movie, it started with a bang and was very entertaining to the end! A great movie to watch if you haven't. One I'll likely watch again.

Saturday, I ironed the clothes our laundry lady washed on Friday. Yes, I have a laundry lady, saves having raw fingers healing for a week only to have the cycle start again next laundry day! And Yes I have an iron and ironing board! Wishing for a sewing machine! (Yes Dad wishing now that I'd taken you up on the offer of you buying one and us bringing it with us!) Oh well, there are many here, just need a Rwandan to negotiate for me, without me in sight!!!! It's amazing how the price goes up when there is a "muzungu" standing close by!

In the afternoon, well we left before lunch (1pm), with another couple that is here on the base to take them to the ABC (African Bagel Company) (below are some pictures). They had not been there and didn't know where it was. We happened to arrive too early. The last Saturday of each month is "Community Day" and everyone is to go work in the community - only in the morning! Peter went with some of the ones that went from the base - did some bush whacking! So the ABC wasn't opening until 3pm and then served Pizza and Ice cream. Well they let us in and we sat at an outdoor table and talked. At 3 pm we ordered our pizza and ice cream! That was the best pizza I've ever had! (Either that or we were just hungry!!! LOL!!) It was really good! Sorry no pictures, it was all gone by the time we thought about taking pictures! When we were done there it was 4:30 pm and we took our time getting back home, and took a moto the last leg of the 'journey'. We've been taking a moto more often lately. I'm getting used to riding on them and even with a skirt - which you see here a lot.

Life is good, but I'm sure anxious to move into our own place and get started with ministry work in Ryabega.  We been meeting with Alex too, about the materials we need to set up the sewing school - machines and tables and chairs.

Peter and Tony had a great week in Kabuga and are planning more meetings with churches in Burundi where we were in outreach last year. Pastors there want Peter and Tony to come back and teach!

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